Sun sails

Who does not know the unpleasant situation of not finding a place in the shadow on a hot summer’s day in order to keep away from heat and sunburns?

Sun sails provide shadow in private as well as in business and can donate shadow to a large area. There are many individual possibilities of design. Besides patterns and colours you can also select the material which your sun sail should be made of. The shape of a sun sail is mostly triangular or rectangular whereas many other shapes can be applied as well. Nowadays the used material is most often Tarpaulin or Tarp since this waterproof fabric is well-suitable for sun sails.

However, one should make sure that the fixing of the sun sail should be done in an angle of 14 degrees in a way that water rinse from it easily and no water-bags occur. There are two kinds of sun sails, the fixed sun sail and the automatic one. Fixed sun sails offer a high firmness, a large surface and are relatively inexpensive; automatic sun sails, however, offer flexibility, individual design, simple handling by radio control and so on. Sun sails are often used for hotels as they are great shadow donators or just an eye-catcher.

Furthermore, sun sails may as well be used as an umbrella if it rains. One can also fix his sun sail in front of a caravan where it provides protection from sun and rain and you can relax or have a barbecue undisturbed by the weather.