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Here we would like to introduce our products for protection from sun. No matter if you search for protection from sun on windows, doors, balconies or wherever we choose the perfect solution for you.

We offer pleats, awnings, sun sails, blinds, curtains and roller blinds in a large range. Just select a colour and a pattern from our offer and we adjust it to your needs. The definition of protection from sun says that it protects you from strong radiation and its undesired effects. Undesired effects are for example sunburns all over the body. In order to prevent sunburns a suitable protection from sun should be available since sunburns may lead to skin cancer. Especially for buildings with a lot of glass a protection from sun is important as many rooms heat up very quickly.

One can distinguish between two kinds of protection from the sun, firstly the protection from the outside and secondly the protection from the inside of the building. Especially for work places protection from sun is regulated by law (EU Richtlinie 90/270) as a pleasant room climate should be created and dazzling avoided. For example for offices, there is nothing worse than not seeing anything on the screen any longer.