Blinds are the optimal solution for controlling or structuring the light in a room. Especially in offices blinds appear very straight and technical and thus create a unique flair. By adjusting the blinds you achieve a very good sun and dazzling protection and hide from curious glances of your neighbors.(Sonnenschutz, Blendschutz, Sichtschutz)

The technology of the blinds is continuously improving and nowadays thus far developed that a variable adjustment of the blinds according to the light conditions in a room is possible by simply pushing a button and by doing so a suitable light situation is created in the room. Blinds can be placed variously by means of rail systems. The blind package can be positioned on the left, on the right or in the middle. However, the blinds can also consist of several packages which can be for example shifted from the outside inwards.

Blinds are very flexible to use and have become standard in most offices. Blinds are available in different materials and can be made of wood or plastic whereas the plastic version is more popular. Blinds can be fixed on ceiling or roof pitches. Furthermore, various patterns/structures can be worked in. For cleaning the blinds have to be removed from the rail system. Anyway, blinds do not require a lot of cleaning since they hang vertically and thus almost no dirt can attach.