Fly screens

Who is not disturbed by the feeling of getting up in the morning and feeling mosquito bites all over the body or having insects in the house? In such cases fly screens are the solution. Fly screens are often used at home or in hotels to keep the vermin outside. Fly screens can be fixed almost everywhere, no matter if on ceilings, walls or windows. It is only important that doors and windows can still be opened. Almost all fly screens are resistant to weather and to rotting.

They are made of filigree textile fabric or wire with a mesh size of 1mm in order to prevent insects from coming in on the one hand and on the other hand to make sure that enough light/oxygen may come into the house. Inexpensive fly screens are often just stuck on the window or door by means of Velcro. The latest fly screens are even supposed to prevent pollen from entering which is especially recommendable to people suffering from allergies. Fly screens are available in various colours and often have an aluminium frame in order to make them as resistant to weather as possible. (Fliegengitter)