Suitable protection from sun for your mattresses

There are many possibilities to decorate the windows and doors of your sleeping room. Of course aestheticism always plays an important role when it comes to this, however, functionality may not be forgotten as well. In a sleeping room we often expect much from the lighting conditions. It should be possible at any time of the day to darken the room, but it should also be light enough to do everyday works such as tidying up the closet, making the beds, vacuum cleaning and so on. This gets more difficult if the windows are directed southwards and let plenty of sunlight in. If then sufficient protection from sun is lacking the room climate is heating up in an uncomfortable way.(Sonnenschutz)

For this case we advise to choose a sun protection product with reflection properties. Here, roller blinds and pleats are especially suitable. They are available in various colours and patterns and they can be integrated into the room design in a harmonic way. Particularly with pleats which protect from heat and sun but at the same time let enough light pass you can create room and light decoration in a beautiful way. (Plissee, Rollos)There are beautiful cloth designs which are designed comparable to mattress-covers.(Matratzenbezüge)

Thus one can create the optical counterpart to the mattresses. And another advantage makes pleats the ideal sun protection for your sleeping room. You can adjust your pleats in height according to the current position of the sun. If the sun stands a bit lower in the evening one can shift the pleats from up to down as well as the other way around and thus place the shadow exactly where it is required. Whoever wishes a light-permeable and darkening protection from sun at the same time will become absolutely happy with day-and-night pleats. (Tag-und-Nacht-Plissee)